Patient Forms

Please take a minute to print and fill out the patient information form before your first appointment:

  • Confirmation of Eligibility for Orthodontic Services (PDF)
  • Orthodontic Informed Consent for use of Bisphosphonates or other Antiresorptives (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: Impacted tooth or teeth (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: For the Orthodontic Patient (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: para el Paciente de Ortodoncia (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: Invisalign (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: Laser Treatment (PDF)
  • Informed Consent: Patients with Periodontal Concerns (PDF)
  • Invisalign Patient Transfer Form (PDF)
  • Request for Release of Records (PDF)
  • State of Oklahoma Oklahoma Health Care Authority: Orthodontic Expectations Agreement (PDF)
  • Risks, Benefits and Limitations of TADs (PDF)
  • White Spots (Enamel Decalcification) (PDF)
  • Privacy Policy (PDF)

If you're unable to open PDF files, you can get Adobe Reader® for free.

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